Look at COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity, become self-reliant: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narenda Modi while addressing the 95th Annual Day of Indian Chamber of Commerce urged people to look at the ongoing COVID-19 crisis as opportunity and become self-reliant. He said that the current situation should allow us to learn several things and improve as a nation. He said that it is time that India stands on its feet.

PM Modi said that he can see a new wave of energy among people. He said that the entire world is fighting this battle and India is not far behind. He said that we need to look at this crisis as an opportunity.

“Every citizen of India believes that we need to create this crisis into an opportunity. We need to make sure that this is a turning point for the entire country. This turning point will be to become self-reliant. Every Indian hopes that the country is self-reliant when it comes to natural resources, medical infrastructure, electronic manufacturing and more,” PM Modi said.

He added that becoming self-reliant means we need to reduce dependency on other countries. PM Modi said that we need to find ways to manufacture everything we import from other countries. 

"Imagine you are going somewhere in a Mercedes. You stop your car and buy something from a person sitting at the footpath. It can change his life for ever. This will be a proud moment for that seller. It is time for us to be vocal for local," he added. 

Talking about India’s battle against coronavirus, PM Modi said that things were more difficult for India as it faced multiple challenges at the same time.

“The world is fighting Coronavirus, India is fighting that too. But there are other issues also. Flood, locusts, hailstorm, fire in oil well, small earthquakes, two cyclones - we are fighting all of these together,” PM Modi said


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